PeacEdu Initiative Rwanda is a non-governmental organization that is engaged and dedicated to preventing genocide and mass atrocities through Education.We are empowering our community with a non-violent means of resolving conflict, building trust and promoting trauma healing. We also have a village of reconciliation where we were able to unify former perpatrotors and survivors who now live together in the same village. PeacEdu is more focused on healing the wounds caused by the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. The organization is working with the community which is comprised of genocide survivors and former perpetrators who confessed their role during genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. We also work  with teachers , youth students and non-schooling youth who are in different clubs affiliated to the organization.The organization’s activities in the community include peace building, healing and storytelling, forgiveness, resilience, reconciliation and improving the social-economic conditions of the community we serve. The organization works with the youth where we equip them with the knowledge to enhance their critical thinking skills, empathy and personal responsibility to reject violence. The youth is trained about Human Rights Education in order to be human rights defenders where they live and become a positive change in their respective community.